Is it hard for you to find out doctors consulting hours & book appointment?

Why call doctor’s front office every time to find out his visiting hours. Search and find doctors on Klinikals app by name, specialty or locality. Book appointment from the list of doctors as per your convenience and doctor’s availability. Share medical records, get digital prescriptions and instant review on lab test report by your doctor.

Verified Doctors

Our doctor’s onboarding team make sure all Klinicians listed in the Klinikals app are verified personally before listing. You can also view their qualification & experience in the app to know better about your doctor.

Convenient Appointment Booking

View the list of clinics where the doctor will be available. Check doctor’s schedules, visiting hours and book appointment as per your convenience. Get regular updates on your appointments.

Easy Access

Klinikals has made its doctor module to make doctor-patient interaction easier. Other than finding doctors and scheduling appointment, Klinikals has many features like sharing of previous medical records & allergies for better diagnosis. Digital prescription and lab reports will be available on the Klinikals app instantly for quicker treatment.

How Klinikals make diagnosis quicker?

The advancement of technology has made everything we need on our day-to-day basis easily accessible except healthcare. With our innovative approach to healthcare, Klinikals has create a digital platform for doctors and patients to connect seamlessly. Patients can now find doctor visiting hours at different clinics and schedule appointments as per their convenience. Share allergy information and previous medical records securely though Klinikals app for better diagnosis. In a single click, patients can order home delivery of medicines or home sample collection for lab test through Klinikals app with the digital prescription that will be available in the Klinikals app. Lab test reports will also be available through Klinikals app and simultaneously doctor can view the report and respond instantaneously saving an extra visit and time.