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About Klinikals

1. What is Klinikals?

Klinikals is India’s first healthcare marketplace where you can buy medicines or get access to all healthcare services from our trusted partners at the comfort of your home. All the features in our app are designed with utmost care to make sure it satisfies all your health care needs at your fingertips.

2. Is Klinikals an online pharmacy which sells medicines?

No, we do not sell medicines online. Klinikals is an online healthcare marketplace where you can choose any pharmacy or diagnostic center from our listing to order medicines or book test based on the review, discounts, familiarity, and locality of the providers.

3. How does Klinikals differ from the remaining online pharmacy?

Firstly, Klinikals is not an online pharmacy. We are a healthcare marketplace. We are dedicated towards bringing changes in the healthcare services. You no longer have to wait for days to get your medicines delivered just for the sake of discounts. We know the importance of your medicine and we care for your health so we will never ask you to wait more than few hours.

4. How is it possible for Klinikals to deliver medicine within few hours while other take days to even process the request?

We have trusted partners all across your city who will be offering exclusive discounts for our customers. You can now buy medicines from your nearby pharmacies at a very less price and get them delivered at your doorsteps within hours. When you buy through Klinikals you can be sure that you get the same brand at the same dosage level as we check your prescription and the medicine at various stages of the delivery. Our delivery personnel will have your medicine checked before each delivery as a part of our quality check process.

5. What are the other services provided in Klinikals?

When it comes to healthcare there are no limits on the services we provide and there is no compromise in the quality of the service we offer. While we started off with Pharmacies and labs we are constantly working toward providing you the best quality services in various health care domains.

6. What are the benefits of using Klinikals Mobile app?

Benefits of using Klinikals are boundless. Apart from ordering medicines and booking lab test online, you can also keep track of all your health records in a single place. You no more have to worry about losing prescriptions, lab reports or any of your medical records because we will have them secured with us for you to access at anytime. At Klinikals, we encourage Electronic Health Record maintenance system for everyone, it might seem impossible at this point of time but we are persistent to make it happen. Our sole aim is to make everything in health care available to you just in the way you want.

7. Will our data be safe with Klinikals?

We consider data security as the foremost concern while handling sensitive information of our customers. All our data security systems are with most stringent health care regulations in the healthcare sector. We do have both physical and technical safeguards in place to protect your data at all time.

Shipping Related

1. What is the estimated delivery time?

Once the order got placed Klinikals will send you a text message as well as e-mail stating the estimated time of delivery which will be just few hours from the order placed time.

2. How do I return my order?

You can return your order by either calling Klinikals to set up an appointment for pick up or by visiting the pharmacy in person to return the order. Refund for the returned order will be credited to your Klinikals wallet as Klinikals cash.

3. How do I track my order?

You can track the order directly from the app by clicking ‘Track’ option in the ‘My orders’ page. If you’re unsure about the status after selecting the option please contact our call center at 1800-1212172 for assistance.

4. What if I am not available at the time of delivery?

In case you are not at home, please nominate a neighbor or someone close by who can receive the order. Please, ensure that they have the OTP.
Payment & Offer related

5. Why the price is different at the time I received it?

Price listed in Klinikals App is approximate price as it may get varied due to arrival of new batches of medicines.

6. What are payment options available at Klinikals?

We have many convenient payment options. You can either pay on cash or card at the time of delivery after receiving the order. We also accept payment from mobile wallets and through UPI. We are just a step behind in bringing you other payment options such as internet banking.

7. How long it will take to credit the payment back to me for returned or cancelled order?

Currently we accept only cash or card on delivery. If you’ve returned the order before 48 hours your bill amount will be credited to your Klinikals wallet as Klinikals cash which can be utilized on next order.

8. Are there any additional charges when I make a purchase at Klinikals?

At Klinikals, we make sure all charges are transparent. Besides the pharmacy bill Klinikals charge you the minimum amount of 35 rupees as convenient fees for any order below 500 rupees. Above 500 rupees we do not charge any delivery fee.

9. Why my coupon code is not accepted?

Coupon code may not be accepted due to various reasons such as• Coupon code expired• Coupon code mistyped• Wrong coupon code used for different pin code.If these are not the reasons for coupon rejection, please contact our contact our call center at 1800-1212172 for assistance.

Sign up & Account related:

8. I can’t register with my mobile number.

Mobile number may not get registered for various reasons like mobile number already registered with Klinikals, mobile number not recognized or wrong country code entered. In case you are unable to find the reason please contact our call center at 1800-1212172 for further assistance.

9. I forgot my Password.

You can request for a password change from your registered mobile number by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ link at the bottom of the sign up page in Klinikals app or website. You will receive a onetime password that can be used to create the new password.

10. I didn’t receiver my OTP.OTP may not be received due to any technical issue.

In this case we request you to restart your App and try again. Still if you continue facing the issue please contact our contact our call center at 1800-1212172 for further assistance.

11. I want to change my registered mobile number.

If you wish to change your registered mobile number please contact our call center at 1800-1212172 for assistance or drop a e-mail with your details to Order related

12. When and how can I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order before its dispatch from pharmacy. Once the order got out for delivery from the pharmacy it cannot be cancelled. Please contact our call center at 1800-1212172 to cancel your order before receiving the ‘out for delivery’ message.

13. How do I make changes in my order?

Currently, we do not facilitate changes in the order after checking out. You can make changes in your cart before placing the order.

14. Can I place the order over phone or e-mail?

Yes, you can place order over the call by contacting our call center at 1800-1212172 or by sending your prescription or order details to

15. Why my order got cancelled?

Order may get cancelled by our pharmacist due to various reasons such as • One of the medicines in your order requires prescription.• Incorrect medicine ordered.• Increased quantity of medicines ordered.• Prescription uploaded is invalid.Order may also get cancelled due to the unavailability of medicines in your selected pharmacy. In such cases we will request you to place a new order with a valid prescription or choose different pharmacy. Please contact our contact our call center at 1800-1212172 for further clarifications.