Why become a Klinikals Partner?

Ever since big players entered healthcare market with high investment ads, exaggerated unsustainable discounts, and home based delivery system, traditional brick and mortar healthcare service providers, experienced a major setback and haven't been able to connect with the customer. To overcome this shortcoming and to help traditional healthcare service providers, Klinikals created an online healthcare platform that will enable traditional service providers to reach their customers and create an experience that is best in class in the industry. Klinikals continuous innovation in this space will help traditional brick and mortar to compete with various online and disruptive technology players.

Upgrade your business

Get on our online platform to showcase your services. List medicines or any healthcare services you could offer. Klinikals will make sure services reach your customer with quality assurance.

Acquire net new customer

No more losing customers for exaggerated discount and over-stated promises. Klinikals will help you retain as well as acquire customers with our unique model and service delivery practices that we offer our customer.

Digitize your sales record

Apart from increasing your business we also facilitate storage of all your sales transactions through Klinikals. All prescriptions used in transactions are stored in our secure environment and can be used for regulatory compliance requirement.

Are you a Doctor?

Signing up with Klinikals will help you effectively manage your schedule & appointments, organize digital health records and increase your visibility with a non-rating based listing system. With minimal effort, you will be able to create e-prescription with single click and add multiple consulting locations with visiting hours thereby letting patients to know where to find you.

Are you a Pharmacy?

Signing up with Klinikals will bring the power of e-commerce to your business. While we reduce your effort by providing quality door delivery service to customers, we help grow your business. Increase online transactions, get inventory management support and be better prepared for new regulatory compliance.

Are you a Diagnostic Centre?

Signing up with Klinikals will level the playing field for you against the large players in market. While we reduce your effort of collecting samples from consumers home, we also bring the standardization in sample collection and transfer process. Improve the productivity of your business in equipment and lab technicians while reducing operating cost.